Proud To Be A Sikh 3

Proud To Be A Sikh 3 is an upcoming Punjabi drama film directed by Rupinder Singh and Manjot Singh. It is the third installment in the hit Proud To Be A Sikh franchise started by Harry Bhatti. The movie stars Harvinder Singh and Gursimran Kaur in the lead roles. With its inspiring theme, popular cast and crew, the film is already creating immense buzz. filmyhit is best place for punjabi cinema.

Movie Details

Movie NameProud To Be A Sikh 3
Release DateNot Update
DirectorsRupinder Singh, Manjot Singh
CastHarvinder Singh, Gursimran Kaur, Rana Ranbir, Gurdas Maan

Storyline That Touches Hearts

The story of Proud To Be A Sikh 3 highlights the teachings and values of Sikhism through an engaging narrative revolving around a Sikh family. It promotes themes like equality, compassion, honesty and spirituality through relatable characters and their journeys.

The plot deals with contemporary issues and challenges faced by the community which are resolved by applying the Sikh principles. Social evils like drug abuse and corruption are highlighted and solutions are provided in line with Sikh values. Key events in Sikh history are also depicted to educate the youth.

Overall the storytelling aims to entertain as well as enlighten viewers about Sikh ideology in a relatable manner. Just like the previous films in the franchise, it is high on inspirational and emotional quotients.

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Talented Lead Pair

Proud To Be A Sikh 3 features Harvinder Singh and Gursimran Kaur as the leads who reprise their roles from the prequels. Both have gained immense popularity and fans’ love through these roles over the years. Their chemistry and performances have been instrumental to the franchise’s success so far. Even in the third installment, they seem perfect fits to take the legacy forward.

Distinguished Supporting Cast

In addition to the lead pair, the supporting cast also comprises of renowned names:

  • Veteran actor Rana Ranbir plays a key character of a learned Sikh mentor providing guidance to the protagonists.
  • Acclaimed actress Upasana Singh portrays an impactful character spreading the message of women empowerment according to Sikh tenets.
  • Punjabi music legend Gurdas Maan makes a special appearance in an inspirational song sequence.

Such celebrated artists add great value to the film with their exemplary skills and widespread appeal.

Directed By Rupinder Singh and Manjot Singh

Helming this ambitious project is the duo of Rupinder Singh and Manjot Singh. Rupinder has directed the previous two installments also and his understanding of the theme helps maintain continuity. Manjot Singh comes with an acclaimed filmography having directed hits like Dil Vil Pyaar Vyaar.

Together the two directors seem the ideal choice to balance entertainment with the soulful message. Their respective expertise meets the demands of this genre perfectly. Given their proven track record individually, the collaboration promises great results.

Grand Canvas and Visual Appeal

Going by the posters and teasers, Proud To Be A Sikh 3 looks like a visual spectacle. It seems to have a grand canvas with magnificent sets recreating key Sikh shrines like Golden Temple. The VFX and CGI used also seem impressive from the glimpses, especially in the battle scenes depicting history.

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The costumes, props and production design seem authentic and well-researched providing an immersive experience. Overall, the scale, backdrops and technical finesse make it a visual treat.

Melodious Music

The soulful music of Proud To Be A Sikh films has always been a highlight. Continuing the tradition, the music of Part 3 is composed by ace musicians Snappy and Ajay Kakra. The devotional tracks recreate the magic of the previous films and take the narrative forward. Gurdas Maan’s presence also elevates the music quotient further. Overall, the music and background score promise to enhance the film’s appeal.

Release Date

Proud To Be A Sikh 3 is scheduled for worldwide theatrical release not update.

Great Buzz in Punjabi Industry

Ever since the announcement, Proud To Be A Sikh 3 has become one of the most awaited Punjabi movies of 2023. The prequels were both blockbusters making this franchise hugely popular. Fans are eager to see the continuation of the hit jodi of Harvinder and Gursimran.

The music has amplified the buzz further and set the expectations soaring sky high. The promotions have also been top notch. Overall, the film is arriving with great fanfare and anticipation across the Punjabi audience worldwide.

Why Proud To Be A Sikh 3 Stands Out

Here are some of the factors that make Proud To Be A Sikh 3 unique:

  • The meaningful storyline spreading the message of Sikhism in an entertaining manner.
  • Harvinder and Gursimran’s hit pairing returning after years. Their chemistry is a big USP.
  • Illustrious supporting cast adding great weightage. Gurdas Maan’s presence is especially delightful.
  • Grand visual appeal recreating key locations remarkably. The VFX raises production values.
  • Soulful music in sync with the theme by acclaimed musicians.
  • Perfectly timed release during Vaisakhi festival season.
  • Massive pre-release buzz indicating the franchise’s popularity.
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Why Proud To Be A Sikh 3 is Special

There are several elements that make Proud To Be A Sikh 3 one-of-a-kind:

  1. It carries forward the legacy of an iconic franchise spreading awareness on Sikhism.
  2. Harvinder Singh returns to the role that made him a global star. Fans are overjoyed to see him back.
  3. Director Rupinder Singh gets to conclude the trilogy he started years ago.
  4. The inspiring theme and message differentiate it from regular Punjabi movies.
  5. Stellar casting additions like Rana Ranbir and Gurdas Maan.
  6. Breathtaking visuals and production design that elevate the viewing experience.
  7. Chartbuster music album by acclaimed composers.

Proud To Be A Sikh has been a pioneering series and the third part seems to take it to a higher level. The movie hence becomes special for Punjabi cinema and community.


On the whole, Proud To Be A Sikh 3 has blockbuster written all over it thanks to its inspiring theme, accomplished team, soulful music and massive hype. It has the winning franchise factor with a built-in loyal audience over the years. The promos offer a grand cinematic experience in store celebrating Sikh culture meaningfully. If it remains true to its spirit like the prequels, Part 3 can continue the glorious legacy proudly. Here’s wishing the entire team great success!

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