Bhoot Ji

Bhoot Ji is an upcoming Punjabi supernatural comedy film directed by Smeep Kang and produced by Daljeet Singh. The film stars Binnu Dhillon and Jordan Sandhu in the lead roles. With its interesting premise, popular cast and experienced director, Bhoot Ji is one of the most anticipated Punjabi films of 2023 as per filmyhit.

Movie Details

Movie NameBhoot Ji
Release DateNovember 10, 2023
DirectorSmeep Kang
CastBinnu Dhillon, Jordan Sandhu, Taapsee Pannu, Jaswinder Bhalla

Intriguing Storyline

The story of Bhoot Ji revolves around Jeeta (played by Binnu Dhillon), a good-hearted man who is falsely accused of being a fraud. His life turns upside down when the real fraudulent sadhu named Taapsee Pannu starts creating havoc using her black magic skills. This spooky situation forms the basic plot of the film and how Jeeta handles this challenge with his wit forms the crux.

With its novel storyline combining horror and comedy, Bhoot Ji promises entertainment complete with humor and chills. The film seems high on comic quotient with Binnu Dhillon known for his impeccable timing. At the same time, with black magic and sinister events, the movie assures some thrilling and scary moments too. The clash between a fake baba and the good natured protagonist Jeeta makes for an engaging premise.

Talented Cast

In addition to the interesting concept, Bhoot Ji also boasts of a talented cast which enhances the buzz around the film.

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Binnu Dhillon essays the role of the protagonist Jeeta. With his flawless comic timing and acting prowess, Binnu seems aptly cast for this role.

Jordan Sandhu plays the parallel lead opposite Binnu as Jeeta’s friend. His character provides the necessary support to the hero in dealing with the challenges.

Veteran actress Taapsee Pannu portray the ghost in the film. Her inclusion adds weightage and her performance will be pivotal.

The supporting cast consists of names like Jaswinder Bhalla, Anita Devgan, Harby Sangha and more. With the perfect ensemble, the film seems to have got its casting right.

bhoot ji punjabi film

Directed By Smeep Kang

At the helm of Bhoot Ji is director Smeep Kang who has extensive experience in Punjabi cinema. He has earlier delivered superhits like Carry On Jatta, Lucky Di Unlucky Story and Mubarakan. His flair for comedy and understanding of Punjabi sensibilities make him the ideal choice to handle this subject. Given his successful track record, expectations are high from this project as well. Kang can be trusted to handle the humorous and spooky elements with panache.

Visual Extravaganza

Going by the first look and teaser, Bhoot Ji promises to be a visual treat. From grand temple backdrops to gloomy haunted spaces, the sets seem to perfectly bring alive the world of the film. The VFX used to create chilling ghost sequences also impresses in the promos. The makeup and costumes too seem suited to the story with characters like the fraudulent sadhu having an authentic look. Special effects contribute in elevating both the comedic scenes as well as the supernatural elements. So Bhoot Ji checks all the boxes on production values.

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Music By Jaidev Kumar

The music of Bhoot Ji is composed by Jaidev Kumar who has delivered chartbuster albums earlier like Carry On Jatta. The songs released so far have become immensely popular, especially “Tere Ton Door Ho Gaya”. The title track “Bhoot Ji Da Naam” is also a foot tapping number. If the rest of the soundtrack maintains the same quality, the music will end up being one of the highlights of the film.

Release Date

Bhoot Ji is scheduled for theatrical release on November 10, 2023. The timing seems apt for a family entertainer promising laughter and chills. With no major Punjabi films around it, Bhoot Ji can make the most of a solo release. The festive period around this time is also favorable for attracting big crowds.

Great Buzz in Punjabi Cinema

Ever since its announcement, Bhoot Ji has generated great curiosity among Punjabi movie goers. The prospect of Binnu Dhillon and Jordan Sandhu teaming up for a horror comedy has excited fans. Smeep Kang is a celebrated name in the industry and expectations are sky high from his next directorial. The music, trailers and promos have amplified the buzz further.

Overall, both the masses and classes are looking forward to this complete entertainment package blending genres. Bhoot Ji is certainly one of the most awaited Punjabi films of 2023. With the promising first look and teaser, the excitement for the film is only growing as release nears.

What Makes Bhoot Ji Stand Out

Here are some of the factors that make Bhoot Ji a promising prospect:

  • Novel storyline combining horror and comedy – something rarely seen in Punjabi films.
  • Star power of Binnu Dhillon who enjoys immense popularity among Punjabi audiences.
  • Talented supporting cast comprising veterans like Jaswinder Bhalla.
  • Smeep Kang’s experience and sensibilities seeming perfect for the film.
  • Chartbuster music already becoming a sensation.
  • Grand visual appeal elevating both the humor and horror.
  • Smart publicity has created solid pre-release perceptions.
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Why Bhoot Ji is Special

There are several elements that make Bhoot Ji a special upcoming movie:

  1. The story and concept itself are quite inventive for Punjabi cinema with the perfect blend of scares and laughs.
  2. Binnu Dhillon gets to showcase his acting talents beyond just comedy through this role.
  3. Veteran actress Taapsee Pannu makes her Punjabi film debut as a ghost, adding novelty.
  4. Director Smeep Kang gets to explore a new genre different from his past hits.
  5. The film brings together two of Punjabi industry’s top comic actors – Binnu Dhillon and Jaswinder Bhalla.
  6. Production values seem top class especially the VFX used for ghost sequences.
  7. The music has already become a chartbuster adding to the film’s strength.

With so many promising factors, Bhoot Ji emerges as one of the most enticing Punjabi movies in times to come. It has the potential to break box office records upon release.


On the whole, Bhoot Ji comes across as an exciting comedy horror riding high on expectations. With its hilarious cast, talented technicians, chartbuster music and a new storyline, the film has garnered ample curiosity prior to release. It brings together some of the best talents of Punjabi industry who can be trusted to deliver wholesome entertainment. If the content lives up to its hype, Bhoot Ji could turn out to be an out-and-out blockbuster. Here’s looking forward to its theatrical release!

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