Any How Mitti Pao

Any How Mitti Pao is an upcoming Hindi comedy film directed by Janjot Singh. Featuring Amyra Dastur, Seema Kaushal and B.N. Sharma in lead roles, the film revolves around a theatre group trying to convince someone about the importance of theatre. With its quirky plot and talented cast, Any How Mitti Pao promises to be an entertaining comedy releasing on October 6, 2023.


Any How Mitti Pao tells the story of a passionate theatre group led by Amyra who are struggling to keep their art alive. Their world turns upside down when a rich businessman played by B.N. Sharma decides to demolish their theatre to construct a shopping mall.

Amyra and her troupe members come up with a hilarious plan to change his mind. They start pretending to be different people he knows and interact with him during his daily life. Slowly, the pretence turns into reality and the lines between drama and real-life get blurred.

What follows next is madness, confusion and loads of laughter as the troupe tries everything to save their precious theatre. Any How Mitti Pao highlights the importance of arts while providing wholesome entertainment.

Cast and Crew

Any How Mitti Pao brings together a versatile mix of veteran theatre actors and fresh faces:

Movie Details
Movie NameAny How Mitti Pao
Release Date6 October 2023
DirectorJanjot Singh
CastCharacter Name
Amyra DasturTheatre troupe leader
Seema KaushalTroupe member
B.N. SharmaBusinessman

Amyra Dastur, known for films like Issaq and Mr. X, plays the headstrong theatre leader. Veteran actress Seema Kaushal, famous for her theatre experience, enacts one of the key troupe members.

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Popular comedian B.N. Sharma, who has worked in films like Dangal and Mubarakan, stars as the businessman unaware of theatre’s importance. The supporting cast includes actors with substantial theatre background.

Quirky Visual Experience

From the poster to the trailer, Any How Mitti Pao promises to deliver visuals that complement its theatrical theme. The costumes and makeup seem creatively conceptualized to suit the eccentric personalities of the characters.

The theatre setting full of vibrant props, background dancers and lighting offers a quirky world for viewers. Interesting camera angles and frames have been used to shoot performances on stage. The behind-the-scenes hustle provides insights into a theatre group’s dynamics.

Even the songs have been picturised and choreographed in a way that highlights the talents and passion of the troupe members. Visually, Any How Mitti Pao aims to take audiences into the endearing madness of the theatre world.

Chartbuster Album

Any How Mitti Pao’s music has been composed by Gourov Dasgupta who is known for giving hits like Chhichhore. The album is a mix of fun theatrical songs and soulful melodies.

The songs range from the peppy “Any How Mitti Pao” title track to romantic number “Tum Jo Mile” to groovy dance track “Guzre The Jo Din.” Renowned singers like Javed Ali, Anmol Malik, Siddharth Slathia etc have lent their voices.

Overall, the music aims to showcase theatres’ lively spirit and take forward the story in its own quirky way. Songs are also likely to help attract youth audiences.

Release Date and Expectations

Any How Mitti Pao is set for a worldwide theatrical release on 6th October 2023. Backed by accomplished producer Deepak Mukut of Soham Rockstar Entertainment, the film has generated positive buzz ahead of its release.

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Moreover, the comedy genre always attracts audiences. Theatrical comedies are rare in Bollywood so Any How Mitti Pao has the chance to appeal as a unique concept.

With October being festive period, the film is expected to attract decent footfalls. The promotional campaigns have also increased visibility on social media and other platforms.

What Makes Any How Mitti Pao Special

  • Hilarious situational comedy with a theatrical backdrop
  • Amyra Dastur’s role subverts stereotype about female leads
  • Powerful cast with right blend of veterans and fresh faces
  • Theatre world explored in an entertaining, endearing way
  • Peppy and situational music that complements quirky story
  • Unique storyline about saving art and culture
  • Relatable characters despite the situational comedy
  • Promises clean family entertainment

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With a fresh storyline, accomplished cast and crew, and chartbuster music, Any How Mitti Pao has the ingredients to emerge as an entertaining theatrical comedy. It conveys an important message about preserving arts and culture using humour as the medium.

The film can appeal to youth and families looking for clean situational comedy. If executed well, Any How Mitti Pao could mark the arrival of a new brand of cinema that blends social issues with entertainment seamlessly. Here’s hoping the madness and magic of theatres win hearts!

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